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Strobe Controller- Malossi MHR Team II Inner Rotor Ignition/PVL

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The perfect accessory for our new MHR TEAM II Malossi inner rotor ignitions.

This compact tool not only allows the advance to be checked with disarming ease, thanks to a 200 lm light with a duration of 10 µs and extremely reduced delay (<1µs), it also completely replaces classic strobe guns thanks to its technical characteristics, decidedly superior to many guns currently available on the market. To activate the controller, the cables simply need to be connected to the battery and ignition coil. Once map 0 has been set in the MHR TEAM II Malossi, inner rotor ignitions, calibration conditions are obtained by simply warming up the engine and bringing it up to a fixed speed of 400 rpm. At this point you simply need to point the flashing light beam onto the phasing references previously marked on the ignition, as indicated in the dedicated instructions, checking that they correspond with the markings made during the ignition regulation phase. If so, the advance will be correctly set on 16° and the offset trimmer on the control unit can be adjusted to regulate this value as desired.



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