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Considering a new DRR ATV?  Have questions and concerns? 

Don't worry we can make this a simple and painless process for you.

Your decision be the source of many years of family fun and excitement, all while also teaching young riders responsibility and hard work.

GForce has been a DRR dealer since 2007 and is focused on the Youth Racing

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That is a question we can certianly assist with but with your initial purchase the good news is that DRR only imports 2 models - DRX50 and DRX90 in stock format.  Any other model or variation is an add on by the dealer here in the US.  Any package or part can be added at anytime in the future - Its not like buying a truck where if you dont get the LTZ  package at the time of purchase you cant get it later.  **** All units 50-70-90 are the same physical size ****

Offered Model Options:

Standard - Great package out of the crate, but certainly room for improvement in performance 

Limited Package - Is the pkg that includes the most popular bolt on options for racing, safety and performance. Items such as nerf bars, bumpers, tires, wheels, tuning items etc

"R" Model - this the additional of an aluminum cylinder head for more performance

Limited "R" Model - All items above in one unit

Custom Model - You can make your DRR anyway "you" want ..now or later ....no pressure to do it all now ...we can help make recommendations for short and long term use


 **** DRR ATVS are for competition use - not for riding hours daily ****


Here are some things to consider when picking out with DRR is best for you

  • Usage - recreation - racing
  • Type of Racing - TT - MX - Woods - Dunes
  • Local Rules - Know where you are going to ride 
  • Classes - Know the rules for age - engine size - modifications allowed
  • Safety Gear - Make sure your budget allows for safety gear
  • Mechanical Ability - What level of ability do you posess?
  • Tools - Acquire some of the specialty tools that are needed


The DRR product now arrives heavily restricted in stock form which is ultimatley ensure the safety of new riders.  All suggestions are up to each parent to determine the validty and safety of their child.  Please proceed with caution.


Keep in mind all dealers are not created equal which could be from business style of their focus.  GForce is committed to you and helping with resources - advice - fast shipping - trusted advice - large in stock inventory.


Our motto is "we will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear"


 **** New Unit Assembly Video ****





  • Follow engine break suggestions before 1st ride
  • Allow engine to get to temperature before riding
  • Remove spark arrestor from silencer
  • Adjust jetting from factory to correct jetting
  • Adjust CVT setting from factory to recommended parts
  • Replace stock multi piece air filter with single piece (Twin Air/Uni Brand)
  • DRR 90s - Change to an "E" length plug (BR8ES, B8E)
  • Replace fuel filter with premium version (3/16" Size)
  • Replace "Plastic" Spark Plug Cap w/Rubber Version
  • Replace stock tether with premium style - Pro Armor
  • Replace "heavy low performing" clutch with adjustable style clutch
  • Replace heavy steel factory rims with aluminum (saves about 16 lbs)
  • Replace tires with recommended usage options


  • Bad info on forum boards
  • Silencer rivets can get loose
  • Exhaust cylinder nuts/bolts have a tendency to come loose


  • Check all fluids before use
  • Front sprocket needs to be torqued to 105' lbs before each use
  • Check nuts and bolts before use


  • Transmission Oil - 3.80z 75-90w gear oil
  • Premix Oil (Amsoil Dominator 40:1 to 50:1) - Maxima 927 (32:1) - Klotz R50 (50:1)
  • Octane 93 to 100 (NOT 110)
  • Engine Ice for coolant is our choice




    We offer these items in kits found here -  NEW UNIT STARTER KIT