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Shock Bladder Kit

by wmr1
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The Nihilo Shock Bladder Conversion kit replaces the stock reservoir and piston with a new reservoir, bladder and high volume cap. This makes servicing the shock much easier. Our oversize nitrogen bladder reservoir works far better than the stock piston style reservoir. The piston in the stock reservoir has a lot of friction and can stick in the reservoir body this causes extra heat, and since it reciprocates, there is always some hysteresis, or lag time, between what the shock pistons are doing and what the reservoir piston is doing, which creates a list of problems. Our new nitrogen bladder reservoir set up almost completely cures these problems, it runs cooler, plus is more compliant making it easier to eliminate Cavitation, both on the compression side and rebound side. Just running cooler solves fade issues and makes the oil last longer. With our bladder reservoir, the oil inside comes in contact with a far greater portion of the reservoir body helping it dissipate heat faster.

Installing the Nihilo Shock Bladder Conversion kit is a no brainer for everyone that wants the best in suspension tuning.


  • 2013-2016 KTM 85
  • 2011-2015 KTM SX/SXF
  • Big Bike Replacement Bladder available

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