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SHOWROOM: 1208 W Wade Hampton Blvd Greer, SC 29650 - | - 864.469.6567 - | - 864.469.9666
SHOWROOM: 1208 W Wade Hampton Blvd Greer, SC 29650 - | - 864.469.6567 - | - 864.469.9666


Bearings - Engine Ceramic

by CBR
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Our Pro-Series ceramic hybrid ball bearings are the finest available.

The CBR Pro-Series ceramic hybrid bearing is built to a level of quality and detail not available in a mass produced bearing. We start with the highest quality Japanese bearing rings and aerospace-grade silicon nitride balls. We check the radial play to within a tenth of a thousandth of an inch (.0001”), using precision test fixtures. We individually micro-polish the raceways to a flawless mirror finish. In addition, during final assembly, all raceway surfaces and the inside surfaces of the cage are completely coated with grease, eliminating dry spots and assuring that all dynamic surfaces are completely lubricated. These steps guarantee that each and every bearing we sell is accurate and consistent. The result is a bearing that runs smoother, lasts longer, and requires no run-in time.

Not all ceramic bearings are created equal.

The heart of the ceramic hybrid ball bearing is the ceramic ball itself. Poor quality balls can fail, often with disastrous results, but the high-quality, aerospace-grade balls used by CBR will not chip, fracture, or fail, even under the harshest of conditions.

CBR bearings use proven cage designs and modern grease.

Bearings with a 50mm bore size and larger use an ultra-reliable, two-piece stamped steel cage, while the smaller bore sizes typically use a precision molded, high-speed polyamide cage. The standard lube used in our sealed bearings is Mobil Polyrex EM. Other types of grease are available by request.

Benefits of Ceramic

Ceramic hybrid ball bearings are electrically non-conductive. 
The non-conductive silicon nitride ceramic balls in our ball bearings eliminate electrical arcing through the bearing, crucial in applications where an electric motor is controlled by a variable frequency drive (VFD).

Ceramic hybrid ball bearings last longer. 
Ceramic hybrid ball bearings last up to ten times longer, according to SKF, the largest and most respected bearing manufacturer in the world.

Ceramic hybrid ball bearings perform with 40% less friction than a comparable steel ball bearing.
Less friction equals more power and less heat build-up, resulting in significantly higher efficiency and an increased RPM rating of 25%, when compared to a steel ball bearing.

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