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#1 Twin Air Dual Stage Pod Air Filter (2” PWK 21-28/PE28)

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Twin Air Filter Foam Filter - Premium Quality - Team G-Force endorsed product!


In some respects, motocross was born in the Netherlands.

It was here, in 1947, that the Dutch national motorcycle federation hosted an international “scramble” for teams from Great Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands, and called it a “moto-cross.”

While the sport’s popularity grew steadily over the next 25 years, one thing that remained constant was the frustration of off-road biking in the Netherlands. The lowland dunes and fields offered the perfect terrain for riding, but the stock paper air filters of the day were no match for the sandy, gritty soil. There was a paper filter with a single layer of foam, but even that didn’t cut it for protection; after 30 minutes it was shot.

In 1972, the motocross world was given a historic boost by a revolutionary product: a laminated, dual-foam air filter that, when soaked in a special oil, allowed free airflow into the carburetor while keeping dirt, grime, sand and water out of it. It was effective, durable, washable and reusable. It took off, and the little start-up company that invented it, called Twin Air, hasn’t stopped ever since.

Evolving continually with motorcycle design and technology, Twin Air filters and accessories have stayed ahead of the competition for half a century. Today they are available for all Motocross and ATV vehicles, and distributed worldwide. Twin Air filters are OEM-specified for 20+ motorcycle companies.



1. Clean the filter

Soak filter in ORIGINAL Liquid Dirt Remover in a tub for 3-5 minutes to cut the filter oil. Work out any trapped dirt or particles. The most important thing is that the inside of the filter is free of any particles whatsoever.

Washing Twin Air Filter in Cleaning Tub

TIP: Do not use gas or other harsh chemical cleaners! These break down the glue holding the foam filter together. They also prematurely deteriorate the foam.

Rinsing Twin Air Filter-Outside

2. Rinse the filter

Rinse Filter with warm, soapy water, making sure all dirt particles are removed. Repeat step 2 if necessary. Be sure to rinse the filter with clean water to ensure the soap residue is gone.

Rinsing Twin Air Filter-Inside
Drying Twin Air Filter

3. Dry the filter

Place filter on paper towel or hang your filter somewhere clean and allow it to dry properly. Oiling the filter without allowing it to dry sufficiently will trap some of the moisture.

4. Oil the filter

Soak filter in ORIGINAL Liquid Power Filter Oil, making sure to saturate the entire filter, coating the filter uniformly. Be sure to apply oil to the inside and outside of the filter.

Oiling clean Twin Air Filter with Original Liquid Power Filter Oil-inside

TIP: Don't oil your air filter right before riding. Preoil the filter at least 24 hrs before riding to allow the oil to evenly penetrate the pores and allow the thinning agent to evaporate. A recently oiled filter will cause rich conditions.

Squeeze out excess oil from freshly oiled Twin Air filter

5. Squeeze excess

Squeeze excess oil out of the filter so that a light coat of oil remains. Continue to massage the filter until the filter is evenly coated.

TIP: Do not ring out the filter when oiling. It is best to massage the oil through the pores with your hands. You can gently fold the filter
and squeeze out the
excess oil.

6. Install the filter

Install the cage in filter and install filter into airbox. Before installing check carburetor boot for dirt.

Installing filter cage inside clean and oiled Twin Air filter

Make sure you allow 24 hours for the filter oil to dry properly before you go riding.


Clean air filter cage and bolt

Using contact cleaner, spray the filter cage and bolt to remove old oil and dirt.

Cleaning sealing ring

Clean sealing ring

Spray contact cleaner on a rag or towel and wipe the sealing ring of the airbox to remove dirt and oil residue. Look inside the airboot to make sure no dirt fell into the boot when you removed the filter.

Installing Twin Air Airbox Cover

Airbox cleaning

Install your Twin Air Airbox Cover before you wash your bike or ATV. With the AirBox Cover installed, you can wash out your airbox without getting dirt or water into your airboot.


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