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(17) Variator Crank Conical Spring Washer - M10

by MCM
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(17) Washer, Conical Spring, 10.5x24x2.6 (ZINC PLATED)

Zinc-plated washers have an outer layer of zinc that protects the inner steel from rust and extends the life of the washer. 

The arched shape of these washers presses up against a bolt and down against a nut to prevent loosening from wear, vibration, or temperature changes. Similar to a spring, they flatten out as pressure is applied, helping to absorb shocks. They grip bolts more tightly than split and tooth lock washers. Unlike split lock washers, which can only be tightened in one direction, these washers have a continuous body that can rotate in either direction.

Conical and curved washers are functionally the same, and are often referenced using their DIN specifications. These DIN specifications refer to slight differences in OD and thickness. DIN 6796 is the standard for conical spring lock washers, which are also known as Belleville washers. DIN 137A is the standard for curved spring lock washers; although this is no longer an active standard, it’s still commonly referenced.

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