When it comes to ensuring the off-road industry remains vibrant and sustainable long term, encouraging families to ride is a key component. Doing so requires models are designed and sized-right for kids and that’s exactly what Rival Motorsports has done with their first of two models recently introduced. A year back, former Yamaha product manager Rob Powers was tapped by Rival to head up their North American division and over the past 12-months, Powers has been hard at work laying the ground work for the brand. One of his many tasks as was to ensure new Rival vehicles destined for North America met the requirements of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. The new MudHawk 6 and MudHawk 14 are designed to specifically fit youth riders, this includes vehicle size, power, controls, and of-course safety features. Here’s the official word from Rival and a first look at these custom-tailored youth quads.

Rival Motorsports is excited to announce two new affordable ATV models designed specifically for children. “The MudHawk 6 and MudHawk 14 have both been developed to meet the unique needs of young riders,” explained company president, Rob Powers. “These two new models have been certified by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission for 6-year-old and 14-year-old riders, respectively. That’s an important distinction.”


Rival Motorsports MudHawk 6

Both models are scaled to fit their target riders, ergonomically. “Confidence is so important when you’re learning to ride,” said Powers. “A six-year-old needs an ATV that he or she can sit on, reach the handlebars comfortably and have his or her feet on the floorboards in order to feel in control. The MudHawk 6 delivers that.”

Performance levels on both models is also scaled to match rider age and ability. “We met the CPSC’s standards for engine performance on both MudHawk models, in their targeted age ranges,” Powers added. “Both models also have a throttle limiter screw so parents can further limit performance until their young rider is ready for more. And beyond that, the MudHawk 6 comes standard with a remote engine shutoff key fob so the supervising adult can actually shut the ATV down up to 50 feet way, if they feel the need.”


Mudhawk 10


Rival Motorsports MudHawk 14

Not only do the MudHawk 6 and MudHawk 14 fill gaps for young riders, they also come in at a fair price so that families can afford to ride together. “We put a sharp focus on keeping our products’ pricepoints affordable,” Powers said. “We want families to be able to buy the right models for everyone to ride and enjoy their time together. I’m confident that we have the best value on the market today!”

Consumers can find affordable Rival Motorsports MudHawk ATVs in motorsports select dealerships. The Rival Motorsports team has been busy identifying quality dealerships in key markets. “We want to have the right dealerships in the right locations to best serve our customers with a strong sales and service experience,” Powers said. “We don’t intend to set up a Rival Motorsports dealership on every corner.”