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1. Carrier Claims:
  • Confirm the total piece count, weight & cost per piece and the total amount that you would like to claim.     ***If you do not confirm the total claim amount ,along with the total weight for the damaged/lost product, our team will not be able to submit the claim *** .
  • If the POD is not signed specifying damage or a shortage, then the carrier has grounds to deny the claim. If the damage/shortage is considered concealed, then per NMFTA, we only have 5 business days to notify the carrier.
  • Commercial invoice (showing the value of the damaged/lost goods).  If the claimant is a manufacturer please provide invoices/receipts for raw materials, packaging cost, shipping cost, etc.  If you would also like to claim the labor to produce the damaged material please provide a spreadsheet itemizing those costs.  Please note the carrier is not required to reimburse any cost not supported with verifiable invoices/receipts/documentation.  
  • Photos of damaged product, damaged outer packaging and a description of the extent of the damage
  • Pre-loading photos (If available) 
  • If the damaged goods can be repaired, please provide a copy of your quote of repairment. If goods cannot be repaired, please confirm the salvage/scrapping value and provide a statement of non-repairability on your company letterhead.
  • If you plan to send a replacement shipment, please provide any information on the replacement costs, carrier name & PRO number.
  • Please retain all damaged freight at your facility in the event the carrier needs to perform an inspection. If the freight is disposed of without carrier authorization, this will most likely result in claim denial.
If additional insurance was purchased at the time of booking we will not file a claim with the freight carrier.  We will file a claim with the insurance company.  Please review the following required documents.
Please reply all for faster responses.
* Please also note that we are experiencing missed pickups and delays due to increased demand caused by COVID-19 pandemic, wildfires & hurricanes. If you have a shipment that is time sensitive please advise so we can suggest appropriate options.
* If this shipment is time sensitive, please do let us know 
so that we can provide the best carrier option for your shipment.