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Roost Havoc 70cc Cylinder & Pipe Kit - ATV VERSION NEW STYLE

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Slovenian High-End exhaust manufacturer Roost, has been working on a secret project for a while. The so called Roost Havoc Cylinder Kit is a 70cc cylinder for Minarelli style engines. It features a new water cooled exhaust outlet design that’s new in the scooter-Miniquad scene and promises huge hp out of the box. Fits most liquid-cooled miniquads such as DRR and Apex. Kit includes a custom handbuilt Mach-1 exhaust tuned specifically for this cylinder. This cylinder requires a 39.2 stroke crankshaft with 85mm rod, same as R/t 70 and 2Fast 70 so makes for an swap over. Our testing has shown that this kit can make more HP and Torque at less rpm than other leading brands.INCLUDED:
  • Roost Havoc 70cc cylinder and head
  • Piston, ring, pin and clips
  • Gasket kit
  • Custom Mach-1 exhaust system
  • Gasket Kit TBD
  • Piston Kit TBD
  • Piston Ring TBD
  • Engine Type Minarelli Horizontal
  • Conrod Length 85mm
  • Piston Pin 12mm
  • Stroke 39.2mm
  • Displacement 70cc

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