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SHOWROOM: 1208 W Wade Hampton Blvd Greer, SC 29650 - | - PHONE: 800-658-1843 - | - TEXT: 864-293-6887
SHOWROOM: 1208 W Wade Hampton Blvd Greer, SC 29650 - | - PHONE: 800-658-1843 - | - TEXT: 864-293-6887

Nihilo Motor Work Stand

by wmr1
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$425.99 - $425.99
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Finally an affordable Motor Work Stand that fits almost every dirt bike motor from 50cc to 500cc. Nihilo Concepts has partnered with WMR Competition Performance and at WMR they build a lot of race motors Customers have been asking how they can get one of our Motor stands so we decided it was time to make them available to everyone. The only way to professionally work on a motor whether it be simply replacing the top end or splitting the cases is with the Nihilo Universal Motor Stand. The stand is fully adjustable and is mounted on 12" long legs allowing it to be turned on the bench making access to either side easy. The cradle tilts 360 degrees allowing any angle to be locked in for comfort and ease. An aluminum oil drip pan mounts under the motor catching all drippings and keeping your bench clean. The pan also catches any small pieces that try to get away. The techs at WMR have been using motor stands for many years first with the very similar KTM Special Tool retailing for over $1200.00 and found it worked great but needed some improvements. Over the years we started making our own versions of the stand and settled on what you see here. The Nihilo Unit is the product of what we learned using the KTM model but sells for one third the cost and is easier to use. Four slotted front brackets are included allowing the stand to be set up for almost any motor from KTM, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, TM, Husaberg, Beta, and many more, we didn't try every bike in the world but the bracket system allows unlimited possibilities. Once you have worked with this stand you will never go back to the old way using 2x4 blocks and having your motor sliding all over the bench. Work like the professionals with your very own Nihilo Motor Stand!

  • Tilts and locks to 360 degrees
  • Four brackets included to fit almost every dirt bike motor from 50cc to 650cc
  • Aluminum drip pan included


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